About Us

Midwest Poultry Services is one of the ten largest shell egg producers in the United States. We are a sixth generation family-owned business since 1875, focused on providing the best quality assurance in the industry and unmatched customer service.

Midwest Poultry Services supports our local community by employing 500 people. We donate to numerous local food banks and other local charities. Our corn and soybean meal are purchased from 85,000 acres of local farms each year.

Third party certifications or organizations for which we are members:

  • United Egg Producers
  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute Certification Program – Level 3
  • American Egg Board
  • USDA shielded product
  • HACCP certified feed mill
  • Indiana State Poultry Association
  • Ohio State Poultry Association


At Midwest Poultry Services, we take quality assurance and food safety very seriously. We want our customers to know when they purchase from us, they can trust in the quality egg we produce. That is why we have a rigorous process for checking everything from eggs, to packaging to in-store displays. We call this process MPSecure and it is our promise of unmatched excellence.

On the Farm

Food safety starts on the farm.

  • Salmonella vaccine program exceeds FDA requirements
  • All birds are NPIP certified Salmonella free
  • Staff cannot be in contact with other known Salmonella vectors or birds
  • All staff are trained on proper methods to protect our birds from disease
  • Environmental testing
  • Disinfectant footbaths at every doorway to add another layer of protection
  • Biosecurity checks performed by internal auditors

In the Plant

Numerous quality checks occur inside the processing plant. The incoming egg belt and transfer points are monitored for egg positioning, interior and exterior egg quality. The wash water is monitored and recorded for appropriate PH levels and temperatures. All eggs are candled and graded to meet federally mandated quality standards. The packaged eggs are then reexamined to ensure egg quality, proper date, plant identification, and time stamps meet our rigorous standards.

In the Cooler

In addition to inspections on the farm and in the plant, there is still more to examine. The quality control team checks pallets in the coolers at processing facilities. One pallet of each size – extra large, large, and 18 count large – is opened and re-graded to verify our high standards. Each case is opened and any damage is recorded. Date and time stamp information on the cartons is recorded as well.

In the Warehouse

Upon customer approval, quarterly checks are performed at warehouses to examine packaging and check egg products to ensure they meet the high standards of MPSecure. Every carton of eggs on at least three pallets is opened and inspected for quality.

At the Store

Because we value our relationships with our customers, the MPS quality control team performs random store visits to check coolers, displays, and any concerns from store management. Egg samples are examined from coolers for quality and proper packaging. Store displays are checked for appearance, inventory, temperatures, and date and time stamps. Any manager comments or issues are recorded and addressed as well.

With the Buyer

We strive to be a valuable partner to our buyers. The MPS quality control team reports information from store checks back to the buyer. This reporting includes feedback on issues and suggestions to reduce shrink. Special projects have been investigated as requested by buyers as well, such as the warehouse rotation of inventory and new introduction of packaging technology.

Products and Capabilities

Midwest Poultry Services delivers 24 truckloads of eggs each day. With 8.5 million laying hens, we produce 5 million eggs per day and have a delivery range of more than 2,000 miles.

  • Exceptional Eggs
    • SQF Level 3 certified
    • Conventional eggs
    • White and brown shell eggs
  • Specialty Eggs
    • Cage free
    • California Compliant
    • All vegetarian diets
    • Nutritionally enriched eggs
      • Vitamin D
      • Vitamin E
      • Omega 3
      • Vitamin B12
      • Other nutrition programs available
  • Pricing
    • Urner Barry market pricing programs
    • Cost and feed based programs
    • Feature allowances available
    • Sliding scale programs
    • Flexible programs to fit all needs

Animal Welfare

At Midwest Poultry Services animal welfare is a high priority and starts at the top.

  • As Chairman of United Egg Producers, our CEO Bob Krouse helped develop revolutionary standards, setting the industry on a new level of excellence in animal welfare and humane standards
  • All employees are trained with proper bird handling procedures, which are documented and reviewed by third party auditors
  • UEP certified
  • Third party audited
  • Indiana State Certified Livestock Producer

Health Programs

  • Private veterinarian on staff to monitor bird health and well being
  • Private nutritionist to ensure our birds are fed the best diet available
  • Thorough and comprehensive vaccine programs to protect the health of our birds
  • Rigorous biosecurity program to reduce risk of disease entering our farm


As an industry, we have strived to make sustainable efforts over the last 50 years to reduce our environmental footprint through improved hen feed, better disease control, and advancements in housing systems and use of natural resources. Here are some results:

  • 71% lower greenhouse gas emissions during egg production
  • 32% less water used for production of eggs
  • Hen production of 27% more eggs per day
  • 42% better feed conversion for laying hens
  • Hens today have a 57% lower mortality rate

Source: American Egg Board, Landmark 50-year Study Documents U.S. Egg Industry Reduced Environmental Footprint, 2014